1236x-2 Tips

These tips were taken mostly from the Fisher forum.Thanks for all the great tips.Enjoy!!


1.The 1236-X2 is a detector that Fisher has needed for a
long time. As a relic hunter, I can tell you, It is
GREAT!. I use a 1266-XB to hunt with for the maximum depth, but
sometimes run into to problem of a lot of iron
targets. That is when I will switch to the 1236. I know then when I
hit iron. The good thing about the 1236-X2 is
you have the option to hunt in a regular disc mode, adjusting it to
you taste, or you can go into the Iron disc mode
with a turn of the knob. A plus in the 1236-X2 is the silencer
mode. We all know the 1200 Fisher series detectors
have a lot of background chatter, but Fisher took care of this
problem with the Silencer mode, without the loss of
depth. All in all, I think the 1236-X2 is a very versital detector,
and you will not go wrong with it. As far as depth,
it is not the 1266, but it offers things relic hunters wanted.
Depth is acceptable to me. I hope this helps you some.

2.It works great on coins. It really seems to like nickels. I'm
probably just digging more of them since I got the 1236
because I'm mostly hunting in iron disc, which is zero disc. However
you can turn up the disc to 10 and just dig
coins(minus the nickels).

All of the 1200X series detectors use the same coils. They are
available in 3 3/4", 5", 8", 10", and 10" elliptical.

I think it's a great backup for the CZ (I have a CZ 6a). Don't
expect the 1236 to compete with the CZ for depth
(but what does? NOTHING!) The 1236 goes very well in trash iron
laden areas which seems to give the CZ's a
hard time.

3.Man I can't believe the depth I've been getting with it. I never
really used a 1266x but I think the depth might be
close to it. I dug a ketsup pack at over 12 in wet ground the other
day. Also dug HALF a tax token @ about 8:~)
For a 2.9 lb. machine it's impressive the silencer mode is a real
good addtion as well as the "threshold" deep
"wispers"= cool targets(well sometimes:)

You guys that are big on the 1266X's need to try one out and see if
you like it and how it stacks up.

4.I caught a demo of the new X2 at Mineapolis Detectors 3 months ago
& I must say I was impressed with the
machine,I use a 1266x pro for relic hunting along with an xlt and a
cz20. Me personally Im going to wait and see if
the guys at fisher are going to do the same makeover with the 1266
as its now getting a little long in the tooth as
the X2 appears to be a direct replacement for the old 1235x.If this
is what fisher has in mind for the 1266
replacement I will happily buy one provided that the background
chatter filter is switchable ( I like the option of
knowing whats going on under my feet particularly in woodland where
the signaIs are few and far between.

5. I really like this unit:) Dug several minis with it so far. I got a
nice roundball drop last week. I've noticed that the
disc control has little or no affect on finding deep targets.
(unless you disc em' out) I tried checking targets when
running at the iron preset. Upon moving the disc to 1-2 the targets
did not come in any cleaner than at the iron
preset.:) Something less to worry about! Also when looking for deep
targets turn the silencer OFF! It really finds
those deep targets. Not to mention SMALL targets. Iam impressed by
this machine. Can't wait to get out again!

6.Nothing really cool but some of these came from dry sandy soil at
depths greater than the coil dia.;) Depth is not
an issue, walking over the targets is.

7.I took my my (new)1236 out this last weekend to a fresh water lake and
found about 50 coins and also about 50 lead
fishing weights. It really surprised me with the amount of targets
that it found. This lake is hit pretty hard by other
machines. I tried hunting with the silencer on and also with it
off. The only difference was just a little less chirping
with it on.The depth did not seem to be affected one way or the
other. Some of the coins and weights were 6-7
inches deep and the signal was very loud, And this was in dry sand.
All in all it seems to be an excellent machine
on the beach or looking for relics.

8. !! Everything good I've heard about it seems to be true. I always have to prove things to myself, so the first day I hunted with disc. at 1 and before digging ,I switched to iron preset to see if it was gone , then I'd check to see what number it disc. out on . I never had the preset knock ot a target that wasn't iron! This det. reminds me somewhat of my Bandido ,it is quiet and smooth and sharp clear signals. I also noticed , It will beep on a large deep iron target in iron preset, which is good if you're relic hunting. One day this week I plan on taking it to some BAD GROUND areas , I'll see how it does there. Let you know what it will do.

9.When ever I get a new machine I dig em' all till I've got a good feel for it and then start tinkering with the disc. My suggestion..Set it at Iron Preset and use that shovel! If you still must thumb the disc dig em' all above 4.5 --->5 MAX! The best disc is a shovel! Keep at it, you'll hit something good! Also try hunting with the silencer OFF if you can. I only use mine in EXTream trash(lots of pops,clicks) Tip OLD dirty nickles WILL read as foil at X depth....

10.. I use the 10.5 coil and find it to be great on the beach. I however don't repeat don't crank the sens up, as soon as I hear the hum, I back off just a bit. The disc i keep at around 4 (until I get in the black sand and then I back off on sens (around 5) and up disc (to about 8). My beach production has gone up a lot since I'm using the 1236...even find NYC tokens, which are worth $1.50 each. Oh yes, yesterday got a 1859 IH...and last week a 1866 nickel. Great machine!

11.The 1266X goes deeper and that is the only advantage it has over the 1236-X2 other than the dual discs. And the 1266-X will not hipmount.

The 1236-X2 has better target separation, quieter in the iron (better disc circuit), it hipmounts and it is lighter on the rod. It uses two drop in 9 volt batteries, the 1266X has that battery pack which adds to its weight problem. (the 1266-X weighs the same as the CZ-5) The 1236-X2 can use the same rods as the CZ-5, but it comes from the factory as a two piece breakdown. The 1236-X2 is alot easier to learn also.

For coinshooting I now prefer the 1236-X2 over the 1266-X, because if you max out the disc you will knock out all zincs with copper pennies and dimes accepted. No need to split hairs with the disc knob (which is tedious), just max out the disc and start hunting.

I have a 1266-X though and will keep it because there is nothing on the market that will go deeper. Especially in dry soil, the 1266-X will kick A$$ on any machine on the market!

PS - Both machines use the same coils