Barber Coins



1901new.jpg Found with cz6 at sidewalk construction site. Was next to a steel plate and id'd as zinc coin.
 1899s Quarter Found with an xlt at a construction site.I was using the 8 inch coil( vdi-plus 84-plus 87)
 1913 Half , 1913(rev)  This and the below 1906 half was found at a waterfront site next to a cement block.The coins were about 7 inches deep.The 1913 had a 1902 V nickel stuck to the back! Both halfs were in the same hole and id'd as a quarter on my whites spectrum.After removing the first half the other half still id'd as a quarter.
 1908dHalf.jpg Found on a hillside at a local park with a whites spectrum. Five barbers were found over a 3 day hunt.
 1899half.jpg Found at the same construction site as the 1906 and 1913 halves, on different days.Also found at this site besides the 1899 half was a 1918 half, a 1935 merc dime, a 1906 v nickel, and four wheat pennies.
 1914Dime.jpg Found about 5-6 yrs ago in a local park.
 1916sbarber.jpg  Found this dime at an old camping resort on 2-3-2000.