Good Reading

 1. Treasure Hunters Manual #6 & 7.  by Karl von Mueller
 2. Cache Hunting  By Glenn Carson
 3. Coinshooting 2, Digging deeper Coins.  By Glenn Carson
 4. Metal Detecting...the Hobby .  By Dick Stout
 5.Diamonds in the Surf, 1 & 2.  By Bob Trevillian & Frank Carter
 6.Bottles, The confident Collector.  By Michael Polak
 7.Taking A Closer Look at Metal Detector Discrimination.  By Robert Brockett
 8. The Treasure Hunter  By Robin Moore
  9. Advanced Treasure Hunting With The Fisher Quicksilver Series Metal Detectors  By Andy Sabisch
10. Bacon and Beans From a Gold Pan  By Jesse Coffey and George Hoeper
11. That Dark And Bloody River  By Allan W. Eckert
12.Mastering The Minelab Explorer  By Andy Sabisch