Misc Coins


1845 Lg Cent , 1845(rev)   I found this at an old lumbercamp picnic area,6 inches deep with my cz6, a heavily detected site.
1864 Two Cent , 1864(rev)  Found at a local park with my cz6.A very pleasant surprise and the oldest coin from this park.
1883v. Nickel Found 5-99 with a Cz6.
mysterycoin.jpg Found at a local beach about 10 yrs ago.The Story
chcoin.jpg Chinese coin found a few years ago, slightly smaller then a dime.
 7-20-00-finds.jpg  1849 dime,shield nickel and some type of foreign coin found at my secret spot 7-20-00.  
 8-30-00-find.jpg  Found this indian head cent at my secret spot with the cz.Couldnt get a date off it.  
 11-8-00-finds.jpg  1930 quarter,1913 wheat found with 1236x2 and a clay marble.  
 oldlotfinds.jpg  1856s dime,1907 indian penny,1944s wheat and a Good For One Drink token found with 1236x2 at an old 1870's lot.  
 9-12-02finds.jpg  1941s merc dime found on a recent field trip.