Make sure to click on " rev" for the other side of the picture.


fair3.jpg Found 11 yrs ago at old school grounds with a Teknetics Mark 3.
Exposition Badge  Found with a cz6  when an old 1880s house was torn down.
military.jpg I found this years ago but dont remember where  
gizmo.jpg  Has a patent date of 1889, very small about 1/8 inch long.Maybe a rivit from a pair of pants?  
soldier.jpg  I found this on the waterfront.Not sure what it is.Its about 2 inches tall and made of copper?  
Detector Finds  From back in 1986, some finds and my Teknetics Mark 3.  
Medals  Couple of quarter size medals of some type? The reverse of each is directly below.  
Catholic./ (rev)  Found with my cz at the fairgrounds (9-99)  
buckle./(rev)  I found this buckle yrs ago at the site of an old coast guard station.Quarter is for comparison.  
underwood.jpg  Some type of commemerative stick pin thing.about 1& 1/2 inches long, found with cz.  
 recentfinds.jpg  Some cz finds at a soccer field on 12-24-99.The dime was about 6 & 1/2 inches deep.  
 lock.jpg  Found with my cz in an old lot.  
 watchpin.jpg  Found at the same 1870's lot, recently  
 8-2-00-finds.jpg  More beach finds, a 1941 nickel and what looks like a button.  
   Recent find at the beach with my Fisher cz6a.  
 4-18-finds.jpg.jpg  Recent cz finds at the beach include a silver ring and a 1940's wheat.  
 4-16-00finds.jpg  Beach finds with the cz.Round thing in the center is some type of compact that snaps.  
 harley.jpg  Closeup of a Harley ring found on 4-16.  
 sinkers.jpg  Found at a lagoon with the Tesoro Cutlass2 umax.  
 moresinkers.jpg  More finds with the Cutlass.  
 morelures.jpg  Clad coins and lures found at same lagoon.  
 4-19-finds.jpg  Couple of 3 ring mini balls found at the beach with the cz6a.  
 digger.jpg  Heres a great digger I use in the hard ground for recovering objects.