Other "X Series" Tips

These tips were taken mostly from the Fisher forum.Thanks for all the great tips.Enjoy!!

1.I used a 1280x on saltwater beaches for about five years before I
went to the CZ20. I had a lot of fun with my
1280x, and you probably would too. But,I have to tell you, the CZ20
kills the 1280x in saltwater. I had the 8" coil
on my 1280x; maybe the 10.5" is a lot better. The 1280x is great in
fresh water and dry land, and it's even pretty
darn good on dry beach sand. But in saltwater, you have to crank
the discrimination up to at least 3 and the
sensitivity down to about 7 which as you might can guess, is going
to cost you some depth. And even then, you're
going to false beep at the end of each swing, false beep over a
freshly dug hole,and false beep everytime a wave
samcks into you. I found a lot of neat stuff with my 1280x, but
after having gotten my CZ20, I could never go

If money is the main issue, then you might consider the Impulse.
The Impulse is not that much more expensive that
the 1280x. And my 1280x gave off a broken beep signal over iron
anyway, so you're really not losing anything as
far as beeping at iron. And think of the depth that you'll have -
maybe even a little better than me with my CZ.

But, the 1280x is a good machine. I keep my old one for a backup

2.The 1280X and 1266X both go deeper in the dry ground. (Believe it
or not!)

The CZ's go deeper in the wet ground.

All three go very deep in the dry ground.

A CZ against a 1266X in wet soil is a very close contest, and alot
of times will be won by the CZ! But in the dry
soil a 1266X will blow away a CZ!

A CZ will go deeper than a 1280X in almost every soil condition
there is.

The X series detectors will not work very well at all on a wet salt
beach. But this is where the CZ excells.